About Our Sponsor NKU College of Informatics

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Northern Kentucky University‘s (NKU) new College of Informatics is the premiere school to study various forms of media and information technology. We are honored to have their partnership as the hosting sponsor of PodCamp Cincinnati.

The first question you may ask is “What is ‘informatics‘?” Informatics is a computation, information, and communication.

Most colleges on technology seem limited to cinderblock hallways, old technology, and old information. The goal of NKU’s College of Informatics is not to merely respond to the present, but prepare students to shape the future.

The College of Informatics is a place where aspiring artists, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, and scientists come together to learn about technology and how it is taking their fields to the next level.

In NKU’s College of Informatics, you can learn how to protect and fight cyber attacks, follow the trends of social media, or train to be a digital newscaster—on either side of the camera.

Bachelor degrees

Master’s degrees

Graduate Certificates

Already, over 1,550 students took enrolling in the College of Informatics. Some of them are already making incredible differences and shaping our future. The recently released Fire Department app is a prime example of some of the potential. (By the way, Apple referred others to NKU to develop this life-saving mobile app.) Watch this video to be amazed … and get a lump in your throat.

But what good is a cutting-edge education program without the resources to support it? Meet Griffin Hall. This beautiful new building on the Northern Kentucky University campus drips with the latest technology in the big picture as well as the details. (Most of the chairs even have their own electrical outlets!)

Welcome to Griffinal Hall at NKU

Griffin Hall had its grand opening on October 10, 2011. It was and continues to be highly applauded for its quality, design, and support for the informatics education within.

The NKU College of Informatics at Griffin Hall is the perfect host for Cincinnati’s first social-media conference. If you meet any of the staff while onsite for PodCamp Cincinnati or anything else, thank them for their support. And consider recommending the College of Informatics to anyone you know who wants the best in technology education.

The College of Informatics totally rocks, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405495196 Sarah

    Looking fwrraod to the flurry of ideas, videos & audios and everything else which came out of this event. I’d like to suggest opening up the next one to those not physically present. I felt so discriminated against being one of the locationally disadvantaged who could not be there :)

    • http://noodle.mx Daniel J. Lewis

      Thanks for the comment, Sarah! We're looking for to PodCamp Cincinnati 2 later this year.

      We would love to live-stream the sessions, but administration and running this would be very difficult. We're keeping it on our idea list.